‘Mother!’ by Darren Aronofsky

A masterfully executed allegorical farce. Claustrophobic and uncomfortable, Mother! is hugely tense, yet one of the most blackly comic movies i’ve experienced in a long time. The first half had me chuckling with the utter absurdity of the situations that proceeded to escalate into the chaotic, brutal and unpredictable finale.The allusions of religion and the […]

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‘Mr Nobody’ by Jaco Van Dormael

In equal parts life-affirming, as much as it is nihilistic in it’s outlook, Mr Nobody is an eye-opening and thought-provoking snapshot into one man’s many possible lives and the choices he makes in his life and the unseen consequences of chaos theory on his actions. With seamless and subtle CGI throughout, it elevates the story […]

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‘American Honey’ by Andrea Arnold

The sheer self-confidence and indulgence of Andrea Arnold’s American Honey is a beautiful juxtaposition to the sprawling (Yet surprisingly not messy) lack of narrative to a movie that is ultimately a snapshot of a troubled and naive young life, finding beauty, love and intrigue in a confusing, directionless and unknown world. It is overly long […]

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‘High-Rise’ by Ben Wheatley

A dystopian oddity that deliciously delves into the depths of depravity, without ever really reaching a satisfying conclusion or hitting us as hard morally, as it so vehemently tries to. Evoking the spirit of Cronenberg’s Shivers and recent classic The Raid – we see an archetypal example of a social hierarchy gone awry, confined within the walls […]

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